Archangels and Their Associated Crystals

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The following is a list of the 15 most common Archangels, their corresponding color, and associated crystal.
You can find more information about each of the Archangels on the Ask-Angels website.

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Archangel Ariel — "Lioness of God"
Angel of Animals and Confidence — Patron Angel of Animals
Color: Pale Pink
Crystal: Rose Quartz

Archangel Azrael — "Whom God helps"
Angel of Comfort and Grief — Patron Angel of the Clergy
Color: Vanilla Cream
Crystal: Yellow Calcite

Archangel Chamuel — "He Who Sees God"
Angel of Peace, Comfort and Love — Patron Angel of Personal and Global Peace and Calmness
Color: Pale Green
Crystal: Green Fluorite

Archangel Gabriel — "Messenger of God"
Angel of Children, Creativity and Good News — Patron Angel of all who work in the field of communications, postal workers and the clergy
Color: Copper
Crystal: Citrine

Archangel Haniel — "Glory of God"
Angel of Passion, Grace, Beauty and Harmony — Patron Angel of Feminine Support
Color: Bluish-White
Crystal: Moonstone

Archangel Jeremial — "Mercy of God"
Angel of Prophetic Vision and Positive Changes — Patron Angel of Emotional Healing
Color: Eggplant Purple
Crystal: Amethyst

Archangel Jophiel — "Beauty of God"
Angel of Patience, Wisdom and Illumination — Patron Angel of Artists
Color: Dark Pink
Crystal: Pink Tourmaline

Archangel Metatron
Angel of Children and Messengers — Patron Angel of Children
Color: Seafoam Green and Violet
Crystal: Watermelon Tourmaline

Archangel Michael — "Who is Like God"
Angel of Courage, Strength and Protection — Patron Angel of Law Enforcement and the Military
Color: Royal Purple and Royal Blue
Crystal: Sugilite

Archangel Raguel —"Friend of God"
Angel of Harmony and Relationships
Color: Light Blue
Crystal: Aquamarine

Archangel Raphael — "Healing power of God"
Angel of Healing and Abundance — Patron Angel of all those in the field of medicine
Color: Emerald Green
Crystal: Emerald or Malachite

Archangel Raziel — "Secret of God"
Angel of Spiritual Insight — Patron Angel of Law Makers and Lawyers
Color: All the Colors of the Rainbow
Crystal: Clear Quartz

Archangel Sandalphon
Angel of Truth and Power — Patron Angel of Music
Color: Turquoise
Crystal: Turquoise

Archangel Uriel — "God is Light"
Angel of Ideas and Intelligence — Patron Angel of Literature and Music
Color: Yellow
Crystal: Amber

Archangel Zadkiel — "Righteousness of God"
Angel of Compassion and Forgiveness — Patron Angel of All Who Forgive
Color: Deep Indigo Blue
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli


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