Crystals for House Protection

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Naturally we want our home to feel the best that it can. That means protecting it, and you, from outside negative influences and energies.

SAGE: For starters, sage the house. Follow your intuition on when to do this, however I highly recommend it when you are moving into a new place, after any negative interactions (like a fight), or if someone has come around that has left that "yuck" vibe behind. You will know when your house needs it. Open the windows and sage around each room so that any negative energies can leave through the window. I personally start at the door of the room and work my way clockwise. Do whatever works for you. You can use incense for the same purpose. Also there is a sage smudge spray if you cannot handle the smoke from sage or incense.
(I will be offering the sage spray soon. If you are interested, email me to let me know and I will email you when it is available.)

CRYSTALS: For general house protection from negative energies, I highly recommend Black Tourmaline. It is among one of the most protective and grounding crystals. It protects against all forms of negative energies, including electromagnetic smog (EMF), and geopathic stress. You can place this crystal either on the corners of your property or inside of your house. Either way will work just fine.

I also recommend Selenite, also placed in the main corners of your house. Selenite needs to be place inside, though, as it is a very soft and fragile crystal that can be damaged and even dissolved in water. Selenite is protective and brings about a calming, angelic quality into the home. It promotes a peaceful atmosphere. Think of Black Tourmaline as being a protective shield and Selenite the guardian angels.

Rose Quartz is another crystal that I like to put in the main rooms where people are at the most, like the Living Room. Simply place a chunk of Rose Quartz in the room to attract calming, loving, peaceful energy.

GRID THE HOUSE: As mentioned, you will place Black Tourmaline and Selenite in each of the main corners of your home. If you feed a room needs extra protection you can also grid individual rooms. Typically with grids you would energetically link the crystals together with a wand while stating your affirmation. Obviously, when you are gridding your house, that is easier said than done. (Pesky walls!) Instead I'd suggest placing your crystals and state your affirmation while placing them.

A suggestion for an affirmation, "This home and everyone within are divinely protected at all times." — Use whatever affirmation you prefer.

Once the crystals have been put into place, sit approximately in the middle of your house so you are as close to being in the middle of your house grid as possible. Relax and focus your energy. Visualize the crystals being connected energetically. You can also visualize a white or golden protective, energetic shield around your house that is emanating from the crystals.

View Love & Light Healing School's blog post for information on crystals to protect your home.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

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