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One of the most common things that I see asked about in readings and also crystal requests is money. In this economy so many of us are hurting. The following article will offer some law of attraction and crystal tips to help you bring more prosperity into your life.

• Prosperity and Abundance Crystals:
You can keep these crystals with you in your purse/wallet, cash drawer of your business, or in the Wealth corner of your house, which is the farthest left corner from your front door.

My top favorite crystal for bringing in wealth and abundance is Citrine. It is known as the Merchant's Stone. I personally have Citrine, Green Aventurine, and Tiger's Eye in my Wealth corner plus a small Citrine in my purse. I add the Green Aventurine and Tiger's Eye as they both can boost prosperity but also they are good luck stones.

Recommended Prosperity CrystalsCitrine, Moss Agate, Ruby, or Jade. (Click the photo for more.)
Recommended Good Luck CrystalsTiger's Eye, Green Aventurine, Jade, or Sunstone.

• Abundance Checks:
This is a simple tip and it works based upon the Law of Attraction.

• When to do it: Every New Moon.
• Where to keep it: In your wallet/purse or in the Wealth corner of your home. (See photo on right.)
• How to make the check: You can use a check from your checkbook or even an old account that you no longer use. You can print out a check, which I have created one for you. Or you can draw your own.
• What to do with the previous month's check: You can either burn the check or bury it. This releases that energy back into the Universe. You don't want to just throw away or shred the old abundance check. That's like throwing away money!

• Prosperity/Wealth Corner of Your House:
I receive more questions about how to figure out where the wealth corner of the house is than anything else in this article. This section of the article has been added to hopefully help answer all of those questions.

Which door and which level: The door you consider to be the front door (primary entrance door) is your front door. Even if it is a side door, if it is your main entrance, that is the door you use to figure the wealth corner of your house. If you have multiple levels use the main level of your home.
How to find it: Imagine you are standing at your front door looking into your house. From the main entrance looking into your house the farthest left corner of your house is the wealth corner. (See the photo below.)
Apartments: If you live in an apartment, the front door to your apartment is considered your front door to your home. (Not the front door of the apartment building.) After all, you're setting this up for YOUR home. Use your personal front door to your apartment.
Bathroom: If your wealth corner is the bathroom, always keep your toilet lid shut. Yes, this is a Feng Shui thing. After all, you wouldn't want your money going down the toilet.
Obsticles: Even if there is something in the corner, remember it is that general location that is the wealth area of your house. It is not just the corner. Find a location in the room that the wealth corner is located in that would be more ideal for your prosperity grid, altar, whatever you decide to set up. Remember, you can always get a corner shelf that you can attach to the wall. That's what I use.

• Creating Your Abundance Check:
You can print out one of the checks that I have created for you to use, you can draw your own, or you can use one from your bank account.

Address: In the upper left hand corner put your name and address just like you would see on a real check.
Date: Fill in the date that you are writing the check. You will want to do this on the NEW Moon. Here is a lunar calendar to help you.
Pay to the Order of... Put your full name.
Amount section is where you want to put an amount that is abundant but reasonable. $1,000,000.00 might be awesome, but it is not reasonable. If your monthly income is usually around $2,000 then go ahead and make your check out for $3,000. Make it an amount that you can truly visualize receiving over the next 30 days.
For section is where you can write "paid in full" or "limitless abundance". Put whatever feels right to you.
Signature section is where you can either sign your name, write "Law of Abundance" or from the "Universe" in this section.

After you create your abundance check you will want to sit and hold the check while you visualize that money coming into your life. See yourself paying off all of your bills with money still left in your bank account. Feel what it would feel like to do this and to have that money come into your life. The more energy and emotion you put into this the better it will work. Truly believe that this money will come to you... and it will!

Side Note: Are you curious why I picked "8888" as the check number? In Numerology 8 represents business, finances, material wealth, and success. Plus, if you turn it sideways it is the infinity symbol. We all want infinite prosperity, right? The number 4 represents the foundation on which we will build that prosperity and the stability that will attract into our lives.

Click the check to view and print a blank copy. Feel free to save it for future use.


New Moons for 2018

January 16 February 15 March 17 April 15
May 15 June 13 July 12 August 11
September 9 October 8 November 7 December 6
Moon Phases Lunar CalendarCalendar-12 Moon Phases

Common Questions:
• Does the time of day matter?
No it does not.

• What if I miss the New Moon? Can I do it the next day?
Yes, however the energy is different at this point. Yes, it will still work. Your intention is what matters the most. However, if you can get it on the New Moon, that's the best. You do not want to do it the day before the New Moon, though. This energy is waning (getting smaller) and you want growth, not a decrease.

• Can I do it on a Full Moon?
Yes, if you feel this is right for you. The New Moon (moon void in the sky) is associated with new beginnings. From the New Moon through to the Full Moon the energy is building (waxing). That is what we want for our prosperity. On the flip side, from the Full Moon (bright and full in the sky) until the New Moon the energy is decreasing (waning). This is why we work with the New Moon for our prosperity checks rather than the Full Moon. Again, follow what you feel is right for you.

• Since you write the check on the New Moon, do you do anything else on the Full Moon?
No, not unless you want to. Again follow your intuition! The Full Moon is still a powerful time of the month. If you want to do something extra then perhaps you take some time on the Full Moon to meditate on all of the wonderful things that are coming your way or write down your words of gratitude. Whatever you are called to do. There is no right or wrong way as long as your heart is in it and it feels right to you.

• I've heard that you create the check on the New Moon and burn it on the Full Moon. Is that correct?
I have not heard of that. Follow your intuition and do what feels right for you. However, in my experience I've burned mine on the New Moon when I create the new check. I release to the Universe that wish with my gratitude as I work on creating the new one. It has worked well for me.

• Do I have to create a new check every month?
No you do not. Only create them as you feel it is necessary. In my household my husband and I write a check together. We both put our energy and intent into it. We then ride that check wave. As long as we see an increase in prosperity in our house, we keep working with that check. I regularly go to my prosperity corner and than the Universe for its gifts. When we notice a decrease in our income is when we lovingly burn that check and create a new one. We were surprised to see that we were able to ride the abundance waves of our previous check for over a year. Please note, some people may prefer to write a new check every month. That is great too. Follow what is right for you. However, just know that you do not HAVE to write a new check every month. You can write them when you feel it is necessary or time for a new one.

• What else can I do to help boost prosperity?
I suggested several crystals above that you can also work with. Some people like to light a green or gold candle. Either one is connected to prosperity and abundance. You can set up a prosperity altar in your wealth room (the room that has the wealth corner in it). You can create a crystal grid. I have a video on YouTube that shows of a crystal grid I created in 2012 for prosperity. I walk you through why I set everything up the way that I did. It is very simple and only requires a few common crystals. These are just a few examples. Follow your intuition and what you are guided to do or do some online research to find other things you can do that really connect with you.

My Story and Experience with the Abundance Checks:
I often saw some of my local friends post on Facebook about an abundance check. After seeing this posted month after month I decided to give it a try. In that first month I did see an increase in my income of my small at-home business. My hubby wasn't too sure what to think and didn't really believe in it, but he decided to write out a check the following month. It worked again! He felt it was still just a coincidence at this point. Then we forgot to do it the next month. Work slowed down for him and he started asking me when the next "check day" would be. He's a believer now and says he won't forget to write out a his abundance check. Money has flowed to us in various ways. For me, more of my Crystal Guidance Oracle decks and my crystal jewelry have sold. For hubby he was offered extra hours at work and helped out a friend which paid him for the work he did. The interesting one came when a lady hit hubby's truck. Her insurance company paid us $1000 to cover the auto body repairs for the broken tail light and a new paint job. Hubby fixed the tail light for $40 and didn't bother worrying about the paint. The rest we were able to pocket to help save up for a new-to-us car. You never know where the money may flow in from, but it will make its way to you.

Video courtesy of my friend, Shelly, from Readings by Shelly.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

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