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I have many items in hand just waiting for me to sort, photograph, and list. I personally hand sort each and every stone by size and check them for quality control. Below is a list of what I currently have in hand that may or may not be listed on Stitches and Stones KC yet. Also I am in the process of turning many of these stones into the popular crystal prescription sets. My next big crystal shopping trip is March 9-11, so you can expect this list to be updated by the end of March. Be sure to sign up for my new mailing list to get notifications of big shop updates, when new items are added, and of course info on upcoming sales.

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New items were added to this list on April 18, 2018. All are tumbles unless otherwise marked.
Some items listed below are "over stock". New ones will not be listed until the current stock is sold out.

Aegirine (rough)
Amber Black
Angel Aura Quartz
Angel Aura Rose Quartz
Apatite Blue
Apatite Golden (rough) (sales event only)
Apophyllite points
Aquamarine (tumbled and rough)
Aragonite Blue
Aragonite Red
Astrophyllite (rough) (sales event only)
Auralite (tumbled and rough)
Azurite (rough) (sales event only)
Barite Blue (rough) (sales event only)
Blue Lace Agate
Brookite (rough) (sales event only)
Brucite Yellow (rough) (sales event only)
Bumblebee Jasper
Calcite Pink
Cerussite (rough) (sales event only)
Charoite - NOW LISTED
Chrysoberyl (rough) (sales event only)
Chytha (Serpentine with Jade)
Citrine (heat-treated and natural)
Clear Quartz (tumbled and points)
Danburite Clear (rough)
Danburite Pink (rough)
Dragon's Blood
Euclase (rough) (sales event only)
Galena (rough) (sales event only)
Garnet Spessartine (rough) (sales event only)
Garnet Uvarovite (rough) (sales event only)
Herkimer Diamond (rough) (sales event only)
Hiddenite / Green Kunzite (rough)
Jasper Kambaba
Jasper Mookaite

Jasper Red
Jasper Yellow
K2 Stone
Kyanite Black (rough)
Kyanite Blue
Labradorite Golden
Lodestone / Magnetite
Moonstone Rainbow
Morganite (rough and tumbled)
Moss Agate
Obsidian Black
Opal Blue
Opal Precious (sales event only)
Opal Black (sales event only)
Petalite (raw)
Picasso Stone
Purprite (rough) (sales event only)
Rhodonite (rough) (sales event only)
Rose Quartz
Ruby in Fuchsite
Ruby in Granite
Ruby (rough)
Sapphire (rough)
Smithsonite Blue and Pink (rough) (sales event only)
Smoky Quartz points
Staurolite (rough) (sales event only)
Tangerine Quartz points
Tanzanite (rough)
Topaz Blue
Topaz Imperial (rough)
Tourmaline Black with Chrysocolla (sales event item)
Tourmaline Black
Tourmaline Pink (rough)
Turquoise (rough)

Hearts (various sizes): Amazonite, Amethyst, Carnelian, Eudialyte, Hematoid Quartz, Kambaba Jasper, Smoky Citrine, Tiger's Eye

Skulls: Ametrine*, Botswana Agate*, Charoite*, Chrysotile in Serpentine*, Clear Quartz, Clear Quartz*, Fluorite, Fluorite*, Fuchsite in Quartz*, Jasper Red*, Labradorite*, Lapis Lazuli, Lava Basalt, Lepidolite*, Moonstone*, Rhodonite, Ruby in Zoisite, Serpentine*, Snowflake Obsidian, Sunstone, Tiger Iron*, Titanium Aura, Tourmaline Black*, Unakite (* = pendant)

Spheres: Angelite, Galaxite (egg), Nephrite Jade, Malachite (egg), Rainbow Obsidian (egg), Selenite White and Orange, Selenite Orange (egg) Septarian, Smoky Citrine, Tiger's Eye

Misc: Eudialyte palmstones, Clear Quartz generators, Jet palmstones, Orange Selenite spirals (unicorn horns), Phallus "Peckerettes" in 8 different stone options, Rose Quartz generators, Rose Quartz seer stones

► All specialty stones such as hearts, skulls, and spheres are available during my Facebook Sales Events. This is when you can grab all of your favorites before they are listed on my shop website. My next sales event is May 12. Click here to RSVP as GOING to the event.


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