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I have been asked a lot of great crystal questions over the years from my Facebook supporters. This page offers my most popular crystal articles to answer those questions. I also highly recommend checking out my TikTok channel as I have a "Crystal FAQ" and other crystal related playlists. You can also find educational videos on my YouTube channel

Archangels and Associated Crystals - A brief photo list of the 15 most common Archangels, their colors, and crystals.

Aura Quartz Family - A list of 7 of the Aura Quartz crystals, how they were created, and metaphysical information for each.

Chakras - Brief introduction to the 7 major chakras and crystals to help bring balance.

Crystal Caution and Toxic Stones List

Crystal Cleansing Methods and Tips  - Different methods of energetically cleansing your crystals.

Crystals for Students - Crystals that are helpful for students of all ages.

Full Moon - All you want to know about cleansing and re-tuning your crystals with Full Moon energy.

Gem Elixirs - A quick "how to" on creating your own gem elixirs and crystal essence water.

Grids - How-to for crystal grids by guest author Jane Kathryn.

House Protection - Protect your home energetically from negative energies.

New to Crystals and Not Sure Where to Start?

Prosperity and Abundance - Attract and manifest money into your life with an abundance check and crystals.

Zodiac Crystals and Birthstones

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.Readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are not a substitute for medical, financial or legal advice. Also remember that your future is not set in 'stone' and due to free will it can change. You have the ability to change what you do not like. These readings are based upon your future as it is at this moment in time.

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