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Gem Elixirs are a great way to work with your crystals in a convenient way that does not require you to carry the crystal with you. This can come in handy for crystals that are small or expensive stones. You can mix and match your gem elixirs to create your perfect blend. This article will be a basic “how to” for creating your elixirs. 

How It Works:

Water is highly programmable. (Think Dr. Emoto.) It takes on the vibrational frequency of the crystals. The crystal essence is then taken like a homeopathic remedy. You can put drops under your tongue, add drops to your water or anything that you add water to, add it to your bath, rub it on your body, create gem sprays, etc.

Getting Started — What You Need:

• Glass container. I prefer using canning jars. They are inexpensive and are perfect for storing the gem elixirs once they have been created. Glass is always preferred.
• Natural spring water or distilled water.
• Your crystals. Tumbled crystals are preferred since you do not have to worry about any parts breaking off. Also be sure to check the crystal caution list to see if the crystal is safe to put into water. If not, use the indirect method mentioned below.
• Cheese cloth. This is handy for placing on top of the jar to prevent anything from falling or landing in the water. It is reusable. You can find it at places such as a craft store.
• Vodka, brandy, or cider vinegar. This will help to preserve your gem elixir if you plan on storing it for longer than 1 week.
• Dosage bottle with eye dropper. A dark colored dosage bottles are perfect for putting your mother batch into (original gem water plus the alcohol preservative). For a gem essence spray you will need a glass spray bottle.
• Intention – Have in mind what it is you are wanting to create. You can even write down an affirmation and tape it onto your jar.

Picking Crystals:

The most ideal way of creating a gem elixir is by using 1 crystal type. This way you can later combine up to 3 different elixirs to create your perfect healing combination. (Like combining Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Blue Lace Agate for calming.) However, if you decide to add more than 1 crystal for your gem elixir, choose crystals that have a similar purpose or energy. For example, the crystals in my above picture are Carnelian and Citrine. Both are wonderful crystals for boosting energy and confidence. This was the purpose of the elixir that I created. Remember to check the crystal caution list to see if you can put your crystal in the water or if you have to use the indirect method. Always physically clean your crystal if it is going into the water.

Choose 1-3 types crystals for your elixir. The more crystals that you add the more “crystal chaos” you create, so it is advised to stick to 3 or less. You want to keep it simple and to the point of what you are hoping to achieve and not be overwhelmed with different crystal energies. You can add as many of the same type of crystal as you would like. For example, if you are creating an elixir from Fluorite, you can put as many Fluorites as you’d like in the container. 

Making Your Gem Elixir:

Now that you have everything ready to go start by cleansing your crystals both physically and energetically. Fill your glass halfway full with your spring or distilled water. Gently add your crystals into the glass. Cover your glass with the cheese cloth and take it outside to “cook”.

Take advantage of the strong prana energy the Sun provides. Place your gem elixir outside for 2-4 hours in the morning. Before noon is when the sun’s energy is the strongest. This will help to amplify the effects of the water’s entrainment with the crystals. Alternatively, you can place the crystals out in the Full Moon light if you prefer. If you cannot put your crystals outside then placing them on a windowsill will be fine. Try to put it where it will have direct sunlight. I also like to surround my elixir jar with Clear Quartz points. Typically I use 6 of them pointed inward. You don’t have to do this. I just like the extra boost that it offers.

Indirect Method: There are a lot of crystals that are toxic and not safe for us to ingest. Check the crystal caution list to make sure. If in doubt, go the indirect method. For this you will need a second glass jar that is smaller than your first one. Place your crystals inside of the smaller jar and then place that inside your glass that contains the water. Follow the rest of the directions. This will keep the crystals separate from the water but still allow the water to absorb the energy vibrations from the crystals.

Once you bring your gem elixir back inside, remove the crystals. Add your preservative (vodka, brandy, or cider vinegar). I’ve read that a 1:1 (50/50) ratio is good but I’ve seen other references say 1:10 (preservative to gem elixir). I personally work with either the 1:1 ratio or 1:2. In my 6 oz canning jar that is 2oz alcohol to 4oz gem water. This creates what is called your Mother Batch. From this mother batch you can add drops of your gem elixir into your water, bath, cooking, absolutely anything! The law of homeopathy states that the more you dilute the mother batch the more the energy intensifies. Amazing! This makes your gem elixir last SO long.

Don’t forget to label your elixir with what crystal(s) you used and when you created it. You are now ready to start working with your gem elixir.

Dosage — How much do I need to take?

Use your pendulum to see how much to take and how often. Taking a few drops several times a day is more effective than a lot of the elixir only once a day. For me, I typically take 7 drops 3 times a day. I add them to my drinking water and sip on it throughout the day.

How to check the dosage with your pendulum: You can use a dowsing chart like the one I have provided for you below. Start with asking how many times a day you should take your gem elixir. Then proceed to ask how many drops you need to take. Your pendulum will swing to the number that answers your question. Alternatively, you can simply hold the pendulum over your hand (the one that’s not holding the pendulum) and ask it, “Do I need to take 3 drops?” then wait for a yes or no answer. Make your way through the numbers until you receive a “yes” answer. Repeat this with how many times a day you need to take these drops.

Pendulum Dowsing Chart

Add a Crystal to Your Glass and Go:

You can simply add a crystal into your glass of water that you are drinking out of. Then just keep refilling with water. I often do this with Fluorite or Carnelian. As always, make sure your crystal is safe to do this with and that it is physically and energetically cleansed first.

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