Jen of Crystal GuidanceWelcome back to Crystal Guidance! I'm Jen the owner and creator of this site, which was originally created in 2012. Thanks to the support of my Patrons, I have finally been able to rebuild the site that has served you all for so many years. As such it is my continued mission to share my passion for crystals and energy healing from my heart to yours. 

On this website you'll find the "golden" crystal tips and prescriptions that helped shape Crystal Guidance to the site you know and love as well as a few of my most popular crystal articles that I have written over the years. 

I do have a Patreon for those that would like to help support my work. If it wasn't for my Patrons the Crystal Guidance website would not have made a comeback after it was compromised in 2022. My Patreon has both FREE and paid content and is where you can find my Crystal Comparisons. This is where I show side by side examples of similar crystals so you can learn to visually tell them apart. I am a visual learner, so I hope that these help you all as well.     

Thank you so much for visiting Crystal Guidance. Don't forget to follow me on all of your favorite social media platforms. I love sharing videos and photos on them with all of you. Much love and crystal blessings!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Updated 6/20/24  

Finally after almost 2 years after Crystal Guidance had to be purged it has finally been resurrected! It absolutedly gutted me when I had to wipe out 10 YEARS worth of work and it took me this long to finally have the energy to rebuild.

There are some articles and the Crystal Tips section that still need to be rebuilt. However I was strongly drawn to re-launch Crystal Guidance today, Litha (Summer Solstice) with the Full Moon energy upon us. 

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. I look forward to seeing where this new version of Crystal Guidance takes us. 

As always, you can support my work as Crystal Guidance by donating or becoming a Patreon subscriber. Your support helped to rebuild this website, keep it running, and create new content. THANK YOU!!

6/21/24: New to Crystals article was added.
6/25/24: Prosperity Check article was added.
6/26/24: Crystal Cleansing Methods article was added.
6/27/24: Cleansing Crystals with the Full Moon article was added.
New Article Coming Soon: All About MOLDAVITE!

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